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  • Roselle, thank you for your interest. This Intensive is being guided by Jeffrey J Allan and Rebecca Wildbear. I'll add your name to my mailing list for future programmes. You might also want to keep a look out on and for further programmes.

    All good wishes with your own events,


  • I would very much like to attend this but it clashes with events of my own. If you have a mailing list, would you add me to it? (roselle[@]fire-in-the-head[dot]co[dot]uk. Incidentally, who's facilitating this one? Not BP himself by any chance?
  • Brian,

    Sorry the cost and distance prevent you; it is a wild and remote venue which will be warm when indoors for that time of year as well as good nourishing food. Hopefully you can come at another time of year for another programme, though this particular programme will be unlikely for a good while.

    As regards your question, l think it's both/and. I just checked this out with one of the Guides, Rebecca Wildbear. Hope this helps further. She said: 

    Yes, I think it’s “both/and”.
    The individual soul and the world soul, “animus mundi” are connected.
    We often have folks walk in the natural world with their dream, and it’s as if the dream can deepen this way ~ the animate beings of nature and our deep imagination (both) work on behalf of (and our connected to) our soul.
    One of my favourite Plotkin quotes that’s on my website:
    The inner wilds of dreams and the outer wilds of nature are our most powerful allies, teachers and guides in our maturation and initiation
    — Bill Plotkin, Soulcraft
  • Wendy: this looks most interesting, and I would love to attend, but cost and distance prevents me.

    May I wish you the best of luck with your week. It sounds numinous.

    Is the soulcentric dreamwork based on personal/self soul, or an ecological (outside of human) soul?


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