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Nov 23
I am involved in a series of co-operative inquiries engaging with Rivers, drawing on the perspective of ‘living cosmos panpsychism' as articulated by Freya Mathews. The first pilot inquiry took place 2020 with five human and seven River participants. The second took place through Schumacher College with 28 human participants across the globe. I am currently in the thick of it with the third inquiry, deepening our earlier experience. The fourth inquiry is scheduled for spring of 2022 through Schumacher again. I will post a notice when the publicity material is available

Our inquiry addresses the following questions

What would it be like to live in a world of sentient beings rather than inert objects? How would we relate to such a world? And if we invoke such a world of sentient presence, calling to other-than-human beings as persons, might we elicit a response?

The first report is published in the Special Issue Voicing Rivers in the academic journal River Research and Applications. (which btw, is a top ranked academic journal with a high technical content!)

This is the abstract of this paper

A co-operative inquiry was established to explore the experience of a panpsychic world of sentient beings rather than inert objects, a world in which mind—sentience, subjectivity, and the will to self-realization—is a fundamental aspect of matter, just as matter is a fundamental aspect of mind. The nature of worldviews, the fundamental basis of our perceiving, thinking, valuing and acting, is addressed and a brief outline of living cosmos panpsychism offered. The inquiry asks, could we humans, through intentional engagement, relate to the Rivers as beings, subjects or other-than-human persons in their own right? How might we engage with the rivers through personal relationship, ceremony, and invocation? What are the possibilities for reciprocal communication? In short, how might rivers speak?

Other writing in this vein includes my encounter with Snaefellsjokul

And my writing with artist Sarah Gillespie On Presence and On Sentience--links from

Please be in touch if this raises questions or shared interests

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