Chip Ponsford posted a status
Nov 19
I am posting on here for the first time in years to ask if anyone else is aware of the recent change in policy of the Adoption Support Fund. I am a person-centred therapist/counsellor and I started and work with a charity called Heart Wood which offers 'contact orientated person- centred' groups in a nature setting. We're based in Northimberland. I've been developing my outdoor approach over the last 11 years or so.

I also have a private practice which includes work with adoptive families and doing so outdoors makes so very much sense in relation to young peoples' very early trauma. The outdoors and focusing on doing stuff as well as talking about stuff makes the sessions so much better for these clients.

So I'm very upset to hear that I have to stop this valuable work. I am a PCU member and i have a union rep who is supporting me in challenging this decision. Is anyone here willing to join me in challenging the ASF policy? I'd love it if a number of us could work together on this.

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