September 23

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I'm passionate about exploring how we may live in the community of all beings at this time; how to live with heart, part of, not apart. While I'm also committed to the healing aspects of time out in the natural world, I'm concerned with giving back, with reciprocity – it can't be just one way. So this is the central q of my life, my writing and my work with others: how can we shift from an anthropocentric worldview to one that is eco- and soul-centric?

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Poet (and eco-poet) & author, workshops & retreats, psychospiritual/creativity/mindfulness mentor, transpersonal counsellor, outdoor eco-soul courses in wild places, finding ways to reconnect self, other, spirit

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I'm glad to be here, in this company, at this time.

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  • Hi Roselle,

    thanks for the friend request, and sorry for delayed response...been away from the computer...

    I'm just about to post a new blog...

    Go Well

    Allan Frater 

  • Thanks Roselle!

  • Hi, Roselle. Many thanks for passing the link to Eliose's call for papers.

    I've known about that conference for a good while and it seems right up my alley. As with other things, 'one of these days'...


  • Hi, Roselle.

    Your daughter's symposium sounds most interesting. I'll check that conference out. I haven't attended those at all, but have wanted to.

    And there would seem to be overlap in what she is doing with my own efforts. We seem to both be taking teaching and learning seriously...in an age when few do.


  • Hi, Roselle.

    I've been lecturing in eco-pedagogies for a few years now. Not many students in education seem to get it, but it's a start.

    The current research involves trans-species (my spelling) pedagogies and I presented a draft in the spring (this year) that I'm struggling to get written for submission for an Irish education journal (mainstream enough, as it is Taylor and Francis). Otherwise, I'll send it Critical Animal Studies or the likes.

    The latter work addresses concerns about limits in defining pedagogy in western thought (too much focus on teaching and not enough on teaching as a transitive verb implying a 'what'; a 'to whom'; and a teaching learning context), and looks at learning FROM not teaching TO non-human species.

    Make sense?


  • Hi, Roselle.

    Best of luck with your project. My own work is still in gestation and I'm hoping to submit a n essay to one or two academic journals early in new year.

    And congratulations on the nomination. I wish you the best of luck.


  • Hi, Roselle.

    I wanted to thank you for your comments in the book group.

    What is your current writing project? Does it relate to your posting?

    Best of luck,


  • Hi Ro,

    nice to see you too! Look forward to catching u pwhen we do, a while since we've caught up or shared some work together!

    x Jeremy

  • Hello!

    Welcome to the ning thing...!


  • Hi Roselle. Welcome to this online ecopsychology community. I hope you find inspiration here and look forward to any contributions you wish to make. There are some lively discussions going on and various groups to join. Do think about replacing the blue flower with an individual photo, as this helps us maintain a sense of community in this virtual space and encourages dialogue. With warm wishes, Kamalamani
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