December 1

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long term interests Ecology and the Media: Issues of control and obfuscation of information; Bliss of Nature Issues of hegemony and consciousness Body, mind, spirit, world interconnections

If you might be interested in meeting people locally, what towns/regions are accessible to you?

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  • Hello patrick. Good to spend some time with you at the gathering. I've set up an 'Edge of Wild Reflection' in the discussion forum. Do share your thoughts!


    Hope to see you soon.


  • Great to meet with you - enjoyed the hermetic connection


  • Hi Patrick,

    Welcome to this ecopsychology community. Look forwards to your contributions, and hope you find it an interesting place to be. 

    Please do change the blue flower into a pic of yourself or something favorite. And please add more about yourself on profile page - it says so little and that you live in London?? We find that both these things help make this virtual space a bit more person friendly.

    There is a Cornwall and Devon group if ur interested in meeting other folk.

    Love MJ xx

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