July 5

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I'm currently working as a sessional therapist for Woodbourne Priory Hospital, a counsellor at NSPCC & Childline and also run a private counselling practice. I'm previous experience includes working for the NHS Specialist Division, Women's Aid, Place2Be and NHS Systemic Family Counselling Service. Prior to my current field of work I worked as a dance artist generating film installations for gallery spaces and working within the community in health & educational dance settings. I established a number of community dance projects with funding from the Arts Council of England, Princes Trust and City Councils. Whilst completing the Master of Arts I focused on developing my interest in Somatics through undertaking somatic environmental movement training with Helen Poynor in Devon, and training in the USA with American Dance-Health pioneer Anna Halprin after receiving the Lisa Ullmann Dance Award. With recently completing the Master of Science research I am now looking to integrate my previous research of movement in the natural environment with my current line of work. Interests: Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy, Dance-in-Health, Somatic Therapy.

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  • Dear Gill,
    Welcome to this online ecopsychology community. We hope you're inspired by this space and we look forwards to any contributions you might wish to make.

    As and when you have time, please do replace the blue flower with a pic of yourself or something favorite  - we find that this help to build a sense of community in this virtual space.

    There is a Northern group if you wish to meet others from this group face to face. If you wish to set up a more local group nearer to where you live, feel free!

    Best wishes
    Mary-Jayne On behalf of the Ning Ecopsychology website team

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