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I want to help expand the boundaries of Ecopsychology to include not just more knowledge, but additional and deeper ways of direct knowing, such as the ancient human practice and emergent research field of Ecofluency - the ability that humans have for two-way communication with the rest of Nature, using an expanded spectrum of senses and awareness. Everyone is capable of deep Nature communication, and we can, and should, be using it to inform and make more holistic decisions, to-create the future in true alignment with Nature. I believe that it is a critical skill for expanding systems thinking and growing beyond resilience in the future, and a vital resource for health, happiness and harmony in all relationships, with ourselves, with other humans and with the other-than-human.

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Founder and Lead Consultant of Ecofluency. Educator, facilitator, researcher and activist in Nature communication.

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Forest Row

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I offer consulting, teaching and research advice in Nature communication for individuals and collectives, both in-person and online, for their professional and personal benefit.

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  • Dear Saskia

    Welcome to this online ecopsychology community. Thanks for introducing yourself, it's much appreciated. We hope you're inspired by this space and we look forwards to any contributions you might wish to make. As and when you have time, please do replace the blue flower with a picture of yourself or something favourite - we find this helps to build a sense of community in this virtual space.

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