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December 3

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I come from the tradition of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Rudolf Steiner, both founding figures of a spiritual ecology or soul including natural science or as Goethe would say: a personal path of development that re-unites nature and soul. One of Goethes phrases that became a leading message for my work is: if you want to lean about yourself- study nature, if you want to understand the world, look into the depth of your soul.

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I am trained biologist, geographer and philosopher. 10 Years of study of Goethean Science and Anthroposophy. Turing to Nature writing and Ecopsychology in the direction of Bill Plotkin. Over 10 year of experience in leading group process in nature. At present I am living in the great outdoors of the Scottish highlands as a crofter and family father. I organize and facilitate events, workshops and are a lecturer at different academies in Germany for the subject of Goethean Science.

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Isle of Mull, Oban, Argyll, Scotland

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