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  • Hi

    I've realised that the start date for my Wild Therapy course appears as Feb 12 2015, when it should actually be March 12. But try as I may, I can't find any way to change it. Am I being dumb? Can you help?


    Nick Totton

  • Dear Mary-Jayne,

    Thanks very much for welcoming me to this site. I am very excited to explore more of the postings and hopefully take part in some real life gatherings.. The journey is just starting. Have a wonderful day!

    best regards,


  • Thanks to let me join.



  • Is it possilbe to organise the members in alphabetical order so i can find them and to have a spell check on the comment space for dylsexics to make this more accessable .
  • Dear admin

    I am away from tomorrow in Wales for one week so will not be able to approve or "disapprove" of anybody, the latter is quite rare to be honest!

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