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I'm joining the Natural Change Facilitators community to stay in touch with everyone, to share and to contribute to the community's growth.

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  • Hi Joy

    Hope all's well in those beautiful mountains? I've started leading groups in Brizzle area and looking forward to more. Doing a singing and canoeing course at David's centre where we met this June - it's all on the website www.bristolferalchoir.org.uk.

    I wonder about your career movements, hope that you've got what you wished for, that it's busy for you and that the spring flowers make it lovely! xxMel

  • Sorry Joy, I've just found your email about the Northern group and added you to it. This group has been quiet for a long whilenow, any energy you can give it would be very welcome.

    Take care


  • Hi Joy, what a lovely thing to say, typical you! hope all's well xxMel
  • Hi, Joy,

    Welcome to our online community - I hope that you will soon feel at home here! Do start a discussion thread, or add photos and videos - and please also add a photo of yourself as soon as you can ... you look resplendent in blue, but I'm sure you will be even more lovely in the pink!!


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