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I'm a pottery/ceramics practitioner, lecturer, and artist. I grew up on a remote farm before we got a tractor and electricity, so we had horses and paraffin lamps and seasons for everything/everything in its season. For 13 years I was taught at home, but spent most of the time out in nature. Boarding school and the world I entered was a shock, so I have spent much of my life searching for re-connection. I'm very grateful to be working now to help retain/redevelop this opportunity for children/adults.

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I'm a lecturer in Ceramics and environmental projects, now doing Ad Ed courses in pottery, a painter and international ceramics artist and have a considerable amount of experience working with schools on sensory awareness development. I've been particularly interested in working with SEN, autistic and PMLD children and adults, and have been a Creative Partner in the Arts Council initiatives. Would love to make contact with groups in North Yorkshire who might be interested in these project?

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I'm working on an arts project on immersion in the uplands areas of Yorkshire, doing workshops on immersion into nature and ways to experience them creatively. Beautiful landscape, an exhibition, talks and workshops...

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  • Dear Jonathan,

    Welcome to this online ecopsychology community, we hope you find this an inspiring place to be, and look forwards to any comments you might wish to make.

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