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I'm based in Bristol, England, and work as a Body psychotherapist, BACP-accredited counsellor, ecopsychologist, Wild therapist, supervisor and facilitator. I facilitate 'Wild therapy', ecopsychology public talks, courses, retreats and workshops, meditation/embodiment workshops and retreats, and workshops for those who are childless/childfree or immersed in the parenthood decision. I have written many articles and three books: 'Meditating with Character', which explores post-Reichian characture structure in relationship to meditation which was published by Mantra Books in 2012. 'Other than Mother: Choosing Childlessness with Life in Mind' which explores the decision as to whether or not to have children with environmental and ecological considerations in mind, published by Earth Books in 2016. And 'Bodywise - weaving somatic psychotherapy, ecodharma and the Buddha in everyday life' published by Somatic Psychotherapy Today in 2017, comprising of the articles I've written for Somatic Psychotherapy Today since 2012. I am currently co-editing my fourth book '#MeToo for Counselling and Psychotherpy'. My chapter focuses on the oppressive roots of sexual abuse and violence and ecocide. This book will be published in spring 2020 by PCCS Books. I am a former steering group member of Psycotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility (PCSR) and for four years was the editor of its Transformations journals. I have practised Buddhism since 1995.

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07905 147968

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Bristol, UK

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  • How do I change profile picture please

  • Hi Emma - great to meet you! Are there any tips for uploading a profile pic - I've tried 25 times now and I'm about to give up.  Thank you~!    

  • Hi Emma - great to meet you! Are there any tips for uploading a profile pic - I've tried 25 times now and I'm about to give up.  Thank you~! 

  • Hello Emma, and Thanks for the warm welcome!

    I look forward to learning about and becoming involved in this community! 
    With raindrops on everything here in Santa Cruz,
  • Thank you for the warm welcome Emma. I'm happy to be here and hope to get in touch with this community and be part of exciting interactions.

  • Hi Emma

    I only joined this year myself! I made contact through the facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1810937962555743/  They are so welcoming and I found it really stimulating as a writer to meet up with them.

  • Thank you for the warm welcome Emma. I am feeling uplifted to be here. I think I am a fledgling at the moment and so looking forward to learning more.

  • Many thanks for the Introduction. It is an exciting project indeed. I look forward to exploring the resources here and getting to know the community a little better. Cheerio for now

  • Thank you very much Emma! I'll bury my head in these resources for a while... :-)

  • Thank you, I just put my picture in... :-)

    Can you recommend a book/video to start with for someone who's trying to learn about ecopsychology and is at the very beginning...? (And not trained as a therapist)? I am reading Joanna Macy and Charles Eisenstein and David Abram at the moment. Thanks so much in advance!

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