Ballycastle, Co. Antrim


February 24

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I have a long-standing interest in ecopsychology and want to connect with others who share this interest. As the sixth mass extinction progresses it is more important that we who are engaged in The Great Turning (check out https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=298309977562210) work together and support each other. I've recently moved to Northern Irealnd and am particularly keen to engage with other people here who are into ecopsychology.

Qualifications/Services Offered (Optional)

Workshops and talks on aspects of ecopsychology.. particularly WtR/Active Hope Work and preventing activist burnout. Spoken word performance on ecopscyhology themes Individual sessions - Health and Wellbeing Coaching. Qualifications: MA Counselling Post-grad certificat in Mental Health Studies Advanced Diploma in Health and Wellbeing Coaching Trained with Joanna Macy 1992

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07443624136//02820 763639

If you might be interested in meeting people locally, what towns/regions are accessible to you?

\northen ireland

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  • A warm welcome to this online ecopsychology community! Thanks for introducing yourself, it's much appreciated. We hope you're inspired by this space and we look forwards to any contributions you might wish to make. As and when you have time, please do replace the blue flower with a picture of yourself or something favourite - we find this helps to build a sense of community in this virtual space.

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