Dundee, Angus


August 16

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I've been slowly building a practice as an ecotherapist and wilderness guide since 2010. I'm a devotee of Bill Plotkin, Belden Lane, Richard Rohr and Carl Rogers among others. I love mountains and hidden valleys, wild places and wild things - and I'm pretty fond of people too.

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I've trained in spiritual acompaniment, wilderness first aid, mental health first aid, mountain leadership, adventure education, and am currently studying for a PG Dip and then MSC in Counselling & Psychotherapy at Edinburgh Uni. I offer nature-based retreats: 1 & 2 day intro to nature as friend, 3-day Stress Reduction / Stress Management; 5-day Guided Death Lodge; see www.wildearth.org.uk for full programme

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I'm a student of Bill Plotkin, Richard Rohr, Belden Lane - and Nautre itself. Former rock-climber, former coporate high-flyer, former bus driver, present day husband, father, mountaineer, musician, men's work facilitator and (interior) wilderness guide. Only one head, doesn't bite. :)

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  • Welcome back Dave!  I hope you find inspiration here and do share your wealth of experience with us.   There are some lively discussions going on, which I'm sure you'll come across as you find your way around the site. There are also some interesting groups to check out, including one for Scotland.  

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    With good wishes,


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