June 18

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I'm just finishing my third academic year in Intergrative counselling and had started to wonder about the benifits to be gained by taking the client outside, linking with nature and the element of movement in therapy..

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I also use crystals and other natural objects in therapy when applicable as a tool to allow the client to anchor and focus to allow them to open up about thier feelings. I also offer Walk Talk and Counselling Outdoors when approriate.

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  • Hi Danny, Tariki 10 Directions Ecotherapy training courses take place in Narborough near Leicester, not Norfolk. Do get in touch if you want to know more - courses@tarikitrust.org

  • p.s. Please do upload an image to replace the blue flower - it really helps us to get to know each other.



  • Welcome, Danny, to our online community.  There's a good range of people exploring how to take people outside in counselling and I hope that you'll contribute to that thinking and enjoy the wide range of resources and groups of people here.

    Best wishes,


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