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I am a psychotherapist, teacher of therapy and writer with an interest in environmental therapies. Author of 'Acorns Among the Grass', O-Books and a number of articles on the topic

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I teach on the Ten Directions training in ecotherapy run by Tariki Trust which consists of 21 days training in UK and on-line units. Full details are on the website at http://buddhistpsychology.typepad.com/buddhist_psychology/ten-directions-training-programme.html I also work privately as a therapist and am open to working out of doors

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yes. I am fairly mobile so can travel to meetings

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Ten Directions is run at our centre in Narborough, near Leicester and in the Rheidol Valley, Wales. Books include Buddhist Psychology (constable robinson 2003) Other-Centred Therapy (O-Books 2009)

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  • Hi Is this in Narborough Norfolk or else where I couldn't find a link but may be interested in one weekend.. Many thanks Danny www.crystalclearcounselling.co.uk

  • Hello Caroline.  I've set up an 'Edge of Wild Reflection' in the discussion forum. Do share your thoughts!



  • sorry have not been active on iust for a long time...welcome!! do you live in france...my email is eliseannmartin@gmail.com..i am quite often in south west france xx

  • Sun 24th might be okay. Will email you when I know for sure. Kx

  • I'm afraid I'm training 1/2 Sept. What are your Nov dates?

  • Hi Caroline, good to hear you. Yes, must fix date, am getting to grips with my diary now that book launch fever is cooling! Thx again for coming that eve. Kx

  • Hi Caroline,

    Yes thats righrt I am part of the EcoDharma community -thought from a slight distance for the moment for personal reasons.  Will be based back there from March 2012.  What was it you were wanting to make contact about?


    Wishing you all the best



  • Hi Caroline,

    Nice to see you here, I thought so.

    Have still to by your new book.


    Warm regrads,


  • Hi Caroline

    I'm afraid your message was burried at the bottom of my inbox so apologies for taking so long to respond. Great to see you on the ecopsychology site. I'm well, enjoying Dartmoor and being mother of a soon-to-be teenager. Though I still work as a trainer etc., my work is taking me more into leadership development these days.

    Hope all is well with you


  • Dear Caroline,

    Welcome to this online copsychology community. I've hear about your work and I hope you will put up some events here so that others can hear about it too. I wonder where you are based? there are groups forming in various parts of the coutnry so people can connect up locally with like minds. There are a number of London meetings.

    Best wishes


This reply was deleted.