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I'm a Nature Allied Psychotherapist and ethnographer, teaching woodland living skills and natural history. I provide counselling, supervision and training. My work explores interpersonal relationships between people and nature. As a therapist I work exclusively in natural settings and have developed Nature Allied Psychotherapy as a modality for an ongoing client work in allegiance with nature. As well as exploring your human social relationships, Nature Allied Psychotherapy creates the opportunity to explore your relationship with the natural world. I specialise in working with relational trauma in our connections with people and with nature. I provide professional training for psychotherapists & well-being professionals on Nature Allied Psychotherapy through the Nature Therapy School. I'm also Director of Wild in the City, an organisation supporting the well-being of urban residents through connection with nature, offering experiences in woodland living skills, natural history, hiking and ecotherapy; using the skills of our ancestors to nurture a deeper connection with the natural world and a sense of belonging to communities past and present. As a naturalist my work aims to reignite the oral tradition for learning about nature within families and challenges racism within the environmental sector. Visit www.bethcollier.co.uk for further details.

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  • Dear Beth,

    Welcome to this online ecopsychology community. We hope you feel inspired by this space and look forwards to any comments you might wish to make.

    As and when you have the time please do replace the blue flower with a pic of yourself or something favourite - and do add more about yourself on your profile page - we find that both these things help personalise this virtual space and build community.

    If you wish to meet others from this website face to face do join a group local to your area - there's one in London that meets occasionally.

    Best wishes

    Mary-Jayne - on behalf of the Ecopsychology Ning Community

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