Good morning, I have a query that I'm hoping this wonderful group may be able to help me with :) - I'd love to study a year long (more or less), online, Eco Therapy or Nature Connection course to become a qualified practitioner. However, out of all of those on offer I don't know which one to choose - They all sound interesting and there are so many. I'm an ACTP Youth Coach & JNC qualified Youth Worker, with a degree in Wildlife Conservation. I'm not qualified in any form of therapy or psychology. If anyone could recommend me some virtual courses (not self-paced - I really need human interaction through it), I'd be ever so grateful.

Many thanks, Leah :) 

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  • Hi Leah

    I don't know if I can help you, unfortunately, as I don't have any experience of year-long courses but I came across this one recently and it looks really good:

    You don't say if you're already qualified, but it looks like you have to be an already-qualified counsellor/psychotherapist for this course.  For those practitioners who already have a diploma (which is the usual  minimum  to practise), I psersonally think it's enough to do a short course or two to take your practice outside.  I've studied quite a bit with Hayley Marshall who does an excellent four-day course.  Together with some reading, I support my practise with an outdoor supervisor, an outdoor therapist and the support of some outdoor-practising colleagues.  Good luck with your search for a course!

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