Good morning, I have a query that I'm hoping this wonderful group may be able to help me with :) - I'd love to study a year long (more or less), online, Eco Therapy or Nature Connection course to become a qualified practitioner. However, out of all of those on offer I don't know which one to choose - They all sound interesting and there are so many. I'm an ACTP Youth Coach & JNC qualified Youth Worker, with a degree in Wildlife Conservation. I'm not qualified in any form of therapy or psychology. If anyone could recommend me some virtual courses (not self-paced - I really need human interaction through it), I'd be ever so grateful.

Many thanks, Leah :) 

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  • Hi Leah


    If you are still looking, you could try our Certificate in Nature Based Practice:


    This is aimed at health workers, therapists, outdoor leaders, counsellors, etc - to take their practice outside.


    Do have a look at the website.

    Best wishes


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  • Hi Leah - you might want to check out Wild Therapy training - It is mainly aimed at already qualified counsellors and psychotherapists but we do accept people with other trainings and therapies. This year's training is fully boked up but there will be one starting in May 2023. This is an 'in person' training so might not be suitable for you? We run this training in a wild and remote Valley on the edge of the Trough of Bowland in Lancashire, UK.

    Best wishes



  • Hi Leah,


    look at the courses offered by the Tariki Trust.


    I hope you find the right training! Good luck 😊




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  • Hi Leah

    I don't know if I can help you, unfortunately, as I don't have any experience of year-long courses but I came across this one recently and it looks really good:

    You don't say if you're already qualified, but it looks like you have to be an already-qualified counsellor/psychotherapist for this course.  For those practitioners who already have a diploma (which is the usual  minimum  to practise), I psersonally think it's enough to do a short course or two to take your practice outside.  I've studied quite a bit with Hayley Marshall who does an excellent four-day course.  Together with some reading, I support my practise with an outdoor supervisor, an outdoor therapist and the support of some outdoor-practising colleagues.  Good luck with your search for a course!

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