New Book: Towards an Ecopsychotherapy

My new book Towards an Ecopsychotherapy came out yesterday, May Day! Published by Confer Books,

 It’s available on Kindle as well as an e-book (an alternative to Amazon)

 It’s still unclear when the Pb will be out – sometime after lockdown. Initially available through Karnac online bookshop (or Amazon).

For more info see the eflyer 

Best wishes from Mary-Jayne Rust

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  • Dear Mary-Jayne

    I just wanted to say thank you for writing such a clear and concise explanation of eco-therapies in all their current presentations. I think I'd got a bit stuck with there being a 'right ' way to do it, when actually there is so much width and depth to this wonderful world of exploration of ourselves and this powerful earth we belong to, and of nature and our relationship with it. I ordered the book last summer but only just got to reading it. 

    I feel very inspired. 

    Thanks again

    Laura Jacobs

    • Thanks Laura. Glad to hear it was helpful to you.

  • I received mine the other day, it looks excellent, very excited to start reading this as soon as I can!

    • Hope you enjoy it!

  • Mary-Jayne, I was so pleased to see this and began reading your book this morning! It was hard to put down in time for work. So enlivening and resonant!
    • Dear Brooke,

      So glad you're enjoying my book. If you have any feedback, critical or otherwise, do let me know. 

      Do write a review for somewhere if you feel so moved.

      Best wishes


  • I just received my paperback copy from Karnac books.  I can't wait to get stuck in!

  • HI Mary-Jayne,

    I was supposed to be reviewing this for Transformations but the book never arrived. I'm gutted. I was so looking forward to reading it. I hope all's well with you.


    • Dear Dearbhaile,

      Did you receive my book from Confer? Sorry, I've only just seen this message!

      Probably better to email me if there's a problem on 


  • Dear Mary-Jayne,

    Congratulations! I will look forward to reading this when it comes out in paperback.

    Best wishes,


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