Ecotherapy with refugees


I am writing from Sweden where Hans Landeström (also a member of this group) and I is starting up a project where we will be working with ecotherapy with unaccompanied refugees, age 16-19. Now I wonder, do any of you know about similar projects that can be of value and inspiration for us? There might be special things to consider when working with refugees, I suppose, because of their former experiences.

Best regards

Henrik Hallgren

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  • There is a great book The Healing Fields: Working with Psychotherapy and Nature to Rebuild Shattered Lives by Sonja Linden and Jenny Grut. It's about working with refugees and asylum seekers on allotments in UK.

    "This volume describes the pioneering horticultural therapy work of the Natural Growth Project at the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture, where psychotherapy takes place in a natural setting on allotments and in a Remembrance Garden. Using nature both as a medium of communication and as a source of healing, transpersonal psychotherapist Jenny Grut and her team work with individuals and families whose lives have been shattered by torture and organized violence. The book draws on ten years of experience and outlines a working practice."

    Hope this helps.



  • Dear Henrik,

    So, so glad to hear of the work you are doing. Not quite what you're after but I think it could be of help. When I worked with groups of refugee women about a year ago I found this organisation to be very helpful. As far as I know they don't offer ecotherapy but they were super helpful at helping me explore my project and special considerations for these particular groups of women.

    I wish you well in your work. Sending all my best and brightest healing vibes.

    • Dear Kate,

      I am very grateful for your answer! I will check it out today!


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