I am writing for an information regarding the possibility to do an Ecopsychology internship in UK. I am an artist (with a bachelor’s degree by Academy of Arts) and undergraduate student of Psychology (Europsy bachelor) in Italy. I am looking for an ecopsychological center recognised by my Italian University to train ecopsychological abilities in 2016.
The requirements of my University concerns the presence of a tutor for my internship, of course a psychologist. I know the Keele University offers a module in Ecopsychology but I do not know if it could be linked to a centre for an internship. The situation in Europe seems to be complicated and confusing, specially in Italy.I am meeting difficulties to search a centre. Infact I have contacted a lot of associations and centre in UK but I am reiceving few answers.  
It is very interesting for me the integration with the humanistic and transpersonal psychology. Who could offer this ecopsychological experience?
If somebody can help me with this research I would really appreciate. Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

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    • Thank you Matilde Cervantes, I hope to come in Mexico one day not far away. ☺

  • Dear Daria,

    I don't think there is such a thing as an ecopsychology centre in the UK, but if you could say a bit more about what you need, what an ecopsychology centre is for you, perhaps people will have suggestions.

    Best wishes


    • Dear Mrs. Mary-Jayne,

      Thank you for the reply. I apologize if my request was not very clear. In my opinion a "centre" could take place in a natural environment such as a wood or a farm, etcetera, where concretely the main aspects of the relationship between man and nature can be deepened. Of course, I will formulate a project about my internship in order to put it into practice and than it will form the material for my thesis. I recognize that these places are not really academic so it is very difficult to find a possibility for an internship. Anyway, by a convantion with another University and the respective selected "centre", my University gives the possibility for undergraduate students to experience their own course of study through this sort of recognized training.


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