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using nature as therapy

As a Psychotherapist i am interested how we connect to nature to improve mental well being.

As we know,  one to one  counselling and therapy  does have a place but just getting outdoors and connecting with the countryside whether thats through walkin

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I have been thinking about making a very personal film on ecopsychology.

I say personal as it is something I feel drawn to do in order to re-explore and deepen my own connection with nature and give myself the opportunity to learn about many new thin

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Class Act

I'm wanting to start a discussion about class through an Ecopsychology lens.

  1. What's different about different classes perspectives on the rest of nature? 
  2. How do class structures limit or promote social change? 
  3. How do people who identify with diffe

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Has anyone seen Avatar?

And what do you think?

quite unexpectedly, I loved it!

Lately it has been the apocalyptic films that have made it big at the box office, but now we have a film where representatives of western civilisation are the baddies, and the goodies help the o

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