Woven is a year-long voyage whose orientation is a pathway home. For we are what we are looking for, and you are your own medicine. During the cycle of this year we will create community, ceremony, explore Earth-centred wisdom, meditation, myth, movement, prayer, grief & gratitude, become undone, Earth Dream, explore plant medicine, ancestor connection, ritual and basic shamanic practice, in and as a heart-centred, soul fuelled circle of women.

During this year-long cycle we will gather together 8 times in different landscapes and venues around Oxfordshire (approximately every 6 weeks), for a day-long retreat around the Solstices, Equinox’s and cross quarter days. The course continues between each of our gatherings through your own quest and unfolding inner guidance, and through the integration practices sent out mid way between each gathering. 

Woven starts her new cycle in July 2022, bookings are now being taken

The course is offered by Ally Stott, whose heart-focused Wholearth Approach is in service to the deep wellbeing of people ane planet www.allystott.co.uk

Contact Ally for bookings and further information - allysoilandsoul@gmail.com



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