• Oct 22, 2021 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm
  • Location: online, Zoom
  • Latest Activity: Aug 20, 2021

Winter can be a time of year that many are challenged by. In the Northern hemisphere the cycle of Winter brings colder days and longer nights. Deciduous Trees have shed their leaves, Earth’s energy has gone to ground, Waters turn to frost, snowflake, flood. If we are wise and live in harmony and balance with the rhythms and cycles of Earth we can prepare for the Wintering cycle, and ‘Winter well’ just as we can prepare for the Summer, Spring and Autumn cycles. Winter can be a time for gathering around Fires, creating ceremony for the Solstice, Christmas, Diwali, New Year, Bodhi Day. It is a time for introspection, dreaming, connecting with our ancestors, caring for our health and well-being, caring for others when we can, turning towards the dark, exploring aging and death, incubating seeds and remembering the rebirth of Spring.

To help us Winter well and value the journey of maturing and aging we can turn to the wisdom, mythology and medicine of the Crone, the divine older woman or Wise Woman. In Irish and Scottish Gaelic she is known as the Cailleach – the veiled one. She is sometimes known as the Midwife of Winter and She can guide us through the Winter season and the Winter of our life cycles.

In this seminar we will explore different facets of the Crone and Callieach. We will reflect on our relationship to Winter, darkness and aging and share ideas about what can help us to Winter well.

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Ally Stott has a great love of Hills, Water and Weaving.  Many moons ago on Dartmoor she experienced herself being listened to by the Moor and realised everything she was in relationship with was alive with its own voice and soulful intelligence, aware of our presence and communicating.  This moment has creatively shaped the direction of her work over the last 15 years as an Ecotherapist, Psychotherapist and Craniosacral Therapist.  Ally has a background as an artists and worked for many years with people living with life threatening illness. She is part of Ecotherapy Oxford, running retreats & workshops based on the Celtic Wheel of the Year and Ecotherapy trainings. www.allystott.co.uk.

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