This course is a deep dive into realignment, resilience, and radical love for those left wondering “what now??” as they stare into an unknown future.

What Now? follows the spiral of Joanna Macy’s Work that Reconnects, a powerful body of work that helps activists and concerned citizens alike to move through the overwhelming barrage of emotions they feel around the global predicament and to reawaken their inner resilience, wisdom, and sense of interconnection with all of life. Over eight weeks, you will join a group of like-minded souls who are wondering how to navigate the complexities and uncertainties of being a human in the 21st century.

Investment: £300
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During this course, we will:

* Take a realistic look at where we are, the problems we’re facing, the root causes and what we can honestly expect from the next few years and what kind of deep, systemic changes are really required if we are to change our relationship with the planet to one of collaboration, not extraction;

*Learn powerful coping mechanisms to deal with overwhelming emotions, including ways to increase our emotional resilience and intelligence and to stretch our “windows of tolerance”;

*Uncover, explore and honour the feelings we normally try to push aside, and discover the power of tapping into your sacred anger and of group grief rituals;

*Step beyond our human-centric view of the world and explore nature’s intelligence and regenerative powers, considering what is possible if we help nature to heal herself;

*Explore why “apocalypse” is not the final story and look into projects that are taking place all over the world towards regeneration and deep adaptation (while learning to separate the effective from the greenwashing);

*Discover the strong, resilient and wise spirit inside you through powerful, imaginative exercises that connect you to your intuition, as well as to our ancestors, future generations, and the non-human world;

*Look at the skills, resources and connections we will need in order to survive the coming decades and to contribute meaningfully towards creating “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible”;

*Reconnect to our sacred mission and look at how to realign our paths forward to fit with what we now know.

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