Weekly group gatherings on a Tuesday between 7-8.30pm GMT

The Earth Artist's Way is a fourteen week group journey of exploration of our innate creativity, potential and connection with the earth, supported by Julia Cameron's extraordinary guide to creative recovery, The Artist's Way.

Beginning our journey together at the festival of Imbolc at the start of February and travelling together until the festival of Beltane at the start of May, we will meet weekly on Zoom to share the magic and the mystery, the challenges, edges, shadows and light in our experience of reading and participating in The Artist's Way, a twelve week programme that has reinvigorated countless people's lives since it was created thirty years ago, and changed many of them forever.

Into the rich tapestry of support, wisdom, inspiration and practical guidance that The Artist's Way offers, we'll be weaving some additional threads, exploring what it means to reclaim our creativity in service to the Earth at this time of great challenge for our species and our planet. The Artist's Way provides a simple and powerful framework and two essential tools - daily Morning Pages and weekly Artist Dates - and our journey together will offer invitations to tune these transformative practices to the rhythm of the land's pulse and energy as it rises through the Spring.

Imbolc, the festival of Earth awakening, offers an opportunity to activate our new cycle and urge to move our lives foward creatively following the hibernation and vision nurturing time of winter. Beltane, the festival of fertility, marks the start of the most intense and abundant period of growth when all of life is bursting with fertility and the power of it's potential. We'll be working consciously and intentionally with these life forces throughout our fourteen weeks together as we deepen our understanding and felt sense of the creative cycles of life as they manifest both in our inner worlds and the more than human world that we are a part of, as we nurture and nourish our sense of belonging to this world and the whole Earth community.

Cost: £280 (some reduced cost places are available, contact me to find out more)

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