22 Oct 2021- June 2022

Exploring an Embodied, Relational and Wild Therapeutic Approach

This will be the third time this course has run. Starting from the position that we are all embodied, relational animals and explores what kind of therapy is needed to meet that reality. What does an Embodied, Relational and Wild therapeutic approach look like? Working in this way requires us to turn up, to be available - emotionally, physically, intellectually. This course aims to support robust and non-defensive practice. Resourcing practitioners for the reality of working in a demanding profession, in a taxing medium.

Fire- strength, robustness, energy, risk, warmth, protection.

Playing – spontaneity, trying things out, lightness, flexibility, creativity.

Playing with fire - working with our own and our clients’ embodiment and relational responses. Perhaps exploring touch, movement, the erotic. All of these are potentially challenging arenas, that are not historically well supported or acknowledged within our profession. Are the dangers too great? In many ways it's more dangerous to ignore our own, or our clients’, embodiment, relational impulses and ecological selves if we wish to practice in an effective way.

October - Therapy as Play,

November - Working Relationally,

December- Exploring Embodiment, 

January- Working with Movement and Touch,

February- Working with Wild Processes,

March - The Spirited Wild,

April - Erotic Charge,

May - Integration and Moving forward.

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