Our innovative one year Diploma training programme is designed to support your connection with the natural world and develop your confidence working relationally with clients in and with nature.

Nature Allied Psychotherapy

Therapy in nature is an emerging field of practice which has so far largely consisted of ‘Ecotherapies’ offering short term or one off therapeutic experiences.

Nature Allied Psychotherapy is a modality of ongoing client practice, working at relational depth in allegiance with nature, to explore and restore our emotional world.

Taking place in natural settings, in addition to exploring our human relationships, Nature Allied Psychotherapy creates the opportunity to explore our relationship with nature.

Nature Allied Psychotherapy provides a theoretical framework for ongoing psychotherapy practice, establishing a modality which;

  • takes place in natural settings,
  • works at relational depth in and with nature
  • explores the clients’ relationship with nature in addition to exploration of their human relationships
  • practices an ongoing relationship between client, therapist and nature
  • exposes clients to the health promoting qualities of nature
  • is an applied form of psychological anthropology
  • is part of an ancestral lineage, grounded in traditional knowledges

Nature Allied Psychotherapy’s postulation of a therapeutic nature relationship is part of an ancestral lineage of drawing grounding and healing in finding reality, perception, identity, belonging and embodiment in communion with nature.

The Course:

The course incorporates the development of our own awareness of and attachment to nature, explorations of the therapeutic relationship, process, frame, containment, boundaries and risks, the use of metaphor and symbolism, anthropological perspectives on the role of nature in our lives, an exploration of the theoretical framework, experiential learning and the development of practical nature based skills.

The diploma is fully immersive in nature, all of our learning will take place outdoors in ancient woodland and grassland on the edge of the North Downs, within the south London region.

The course is held over 6 three day residentials from August 2022 - June 2023.


The course is led by Beth Collier and co-facilitated by Nicole Worrica and Suzanne Worrica

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