A key thread of our work in healing the individual and collective psyche is this perceived split between human and nature. How is it to find different ways to know ourselves AS nature and to be in a more vibrant relationship with our more than human kin? This gathering will offer ample opportunity for you to explore what’s on offer as well as to bring your own enquiry questions into the collective exploration.

How is it to slow down enough that we feel the meetings of body and earth, spine and tree skin and moss more intimately? To slow down enough to know the earth, waters and air within us? Through presence and awareness practices, movement, play, foraging and enquiry we’ll invite each other back home to our innate connection to life, as life.

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Toni Spencer: Toni’s work as a facilitator, poet and mentor seeks to enable a deeper and more diverse engagement with and response to the ecological, cultural and social issues of our times. She creates spaces where grit, grief, messiness, and laughter are welcome and where new shapes of wisdom and power can emerge. Born in London as a daughter of immigrants and now residing in Devon she has spent the last 20 years exploring themes of presence, participation, solidarity and belonging both personally and as an essential ingredient of collective change. She has worked as a lecturer at Goldsmiths and Schumacher college, a curator, artist and consultant with The Emergence Network, Encounters Arts, Ulex, St Ethelburgas, the Transition Movement and others. She delights in sitting by and in wild water, in foraging and feasting with wild foods and in the sound of birdsong - wherever she is. Read more about Toni Here.

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